Algorithmic electro-acoustic music project, 2011-present

Baritone-saxophone is a great source for sounds and timbres common for the human ear. Mass of overtones based on a strong low pitch of the instrument gives an opportunity to make a lot of different combinations of melodies and unpredictable noises. That's why I don't use audio FX at all, just simple delay and multiple loopers, I've programmed by myself.

In live performances accent is on the uniqueness of every event - not only different venues have different resonances, but also the audience make difference on how to listen, what to listen to. This conception is based on the traditional Indian raga music, paying attention to the emotional aspect of listening, a wide range of feelings and conditions, not only musical, but also daytime, year season, weather, whole environment and thoughts, and relations between them.

Album now is in progress. It will consist of results of multiple kinds of research and experiments with extended techniques of saxophone sounds, loopers, and other algorithms of sampling. Every approach is not only an attempt to create an imaginable copy of myself playing as an ensemble. One of the main goals is the development of improvisational culture and scene, making the sources of algorithms open and available online to other musicians for experiments.


solo.operator + Konstantin Sukhan
Concert at Mars Center, Kotä, digital, 2015
solo.operator + Konstantin Sukhan — Concert at Mars Center
Randrone, Kotä, generative release, 2014
solo.operator — Randrone Center


Collaboration with Overmono (Boilerroom)

Live recordings