Hello, my name is Alexander Serechenko.

Mostly I'm a programmer developing websites and making data analysis, also interested in networks, cryptography, and peer-to-peer protocols. I believe in social improvements that are rising from collaborative cooperation communicated by modern technologies. It is still not obvious, but the most important transformation of society now happens in a reflective way of thinking, making the new media act as the basis for a cultural revolution.

This thought from youth pushed me to start act as a media artist, first without understanding it. I was involved in street performance movement in Zelenograd hometown, and the first two gallery installations were interactive by its nature, but it wasn't digital at all.

Now I work in various mediums – generative Audio/Video, Web, AR, VR, etc – taking interactivity as an aesthetical instrument, aleatoric as an unlimited source of inspiration, and social networks as a communication strategy, believing it is a root system of human knowledge. I'm building and testing different improvisation systems, supposed or not to be interactive with the audience, environment, and social background.

My artistic method is the intersection of the physical and digital world. Somewhere on the border of these areas unexpected images and new meanings arise, which I use as material for constructing artistic expressions. Together with my wife, Ekaterina Pryanichnikova, we work in the creative tandem of Gray Cake, exploring this area.

Also, I'm playing baritone saxophone. I love how it sounds, harsh, and sweet at the same time, and I love to loop it over itself, as presented in the solo.operator and multi.operator projects.