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Alexander Serechenko, 1982

New Media Artist / Programmer / Musician

+7 916 063-062-13


  • Federal Far East University, “Digital Art” Master’s program
    2019 – 2021, Vladivostok
  • MEPhI, Informational Security Faculty, Postgraduate
    2000 – 2008, Moscow
  • Moscow Elementary School №609, Computer Science Classes
    1990 – 2000, Zelenograd
  • Moscow Elementary School of Music №71, Piano Class, honors degree
    1991 – 1998, Zelenograd


  • Audi Born–Digital Award, Shortlist
    2020, Moscow
  • Pixels Fest, Shortlist
    2020, Ekaterinburg
  • “Star landing” festival, Innovation Award
    2019, Vladivostok
  • Red Apple Awards, silver in New Media category
    2016, Moscow
  • Epica Awards, bronze
    2016, Paris

Group exhibitions and festivals

2020, “That's all what”, ElectroMuseum, Moscow

2020, “Screening”, Garage Screen, Moscow

2020, “Datasets vs Mindsets”, Ars Electronica Garden, Moscow

2020, “Stravinsky dialogs”, Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow

2020, "Participation Technologies", FEFU, Vladivostok

2020,  "Learning machines", Electromuseum, Moscow

2020, “Pixels Festival”, International Festival of digital video art, Ekaterinburg

2019, "Open Museum", Electromuseum, Moscow

2018, “Here and now”, Moscow Manege

2018, “Matter of horror”, Solyanka Gallery, Moscow

2017, “Cyberfest 10”, Saint Petersburg's Museum of Sound

2016, “EMA EXPO”,  Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Moscow

2014, “Polytech.Science.Art Week”, Garage Museum, Moscow

2014, “Net art showcase”, Moscow Polytechnic Museum, Moscow

2014, “Plums Fest”, Museum of Moscow

2011, “Game Art Festival”, Garage Museum, Moscow

2011, “Night in museums”, New Tretyakov Gallery on Krymsky Val, Moscow

2006, “False start”, Zelenograd Museum

Selected performances

2020, Online-festival “Bol on quarantine”

2019, “Bol” festival, Culture center ZIL, Moscow

2019, Musikerwohnhaus, Switzerland, Basel

2019, Red Bull Music Festival, Gazgolder, Moscow

2018, “Здесь и сейчас”, Moscow Manege

2018, Ekaterina Foundation, Moscow

2018, “Drone Beast”, Saint Petersburg

2017, “Usadba Jazz”, Moscow

2017, “Istra Jazz Park”, Istra

2017, “Moscow Music Week”, DOM Cultural Centre, Moscow

2017, Trevor Dunn and Balázs Pándi feat. solo.operator, DOM Cultural Centre, Moscow

2016, “Electromechanica”, Saint Petersburg

2016, “DADA” festival, NCCA, Moscow

2016, “Burning Man – Decompression”, Moscow

2016, MARS cultural center, Saint Petersburg

2016, EMA EXPO, DOM Cultural Centre, Moscow

2016, Space Textures X, Riga Goethe Institut, Рига

2016, Afisha Picnic, Moscow

2016, “Noise and fiery”, DOM Cultural Centre, Moscow

2015, “Prepared environments”, NCCA, Moscow

2015, “Archstoyanie”, Nikola-Lenivets

2014, “Long Night of Museums”, MMOMA, Moscow

2014, Kotä Big Night, Dewar's Powerhouse, Moscow

2014, Museum “New Jerusalem”, Istra

2013, Un-Convention Hub, Moscow


2019, Pro Helvetia, Switzerland, Basel

2018, Boiler Room x Ballantine's True Music Hybrid Sounds, Moscow

2017, OneBeat Russia, Suzdal-Sviyazhsk-Kazan-Moscow

2013, Un-Convention Hub, Moscow

Education and publishings

2020, “Why artists need to learn to program", Science Slam, Vladivostok

2019, Interview for SIAPress, Surgut

2017 – 2020, Series of public lectures on "Modern aspects of generative art" as part of numerous festivals: Synthposium, TECHNE, EMA EXPO, Plums Fest, Арт-Субъект, etc.

2017, "Rationale for generative music", article for project

2015, "Cryptography and IT: serving the future of society", public lecture, Kinematograf, Zelenograd

2006 – 2008, “Complex information security” and “Networks and communication systems”, Moscow Engineering Physics Institute, Moscow

Composer activities

2017, Spectacle “DoBro”

2016, “Live document”, Solo​.​operator feat. Constantin Sukhan, Kotä

2016, Spectacle "Genius wife", Meyerhold Theatrical Centre, Moscow

2015, "Pyramid" interactive promenade spectacle, Museon, Moscow


2011, “Baby Collection”, ADMI

Selected collaborations

2018, “Foggy Albion”, Overmono feat. Solo.operator, Boiler Room

2017, “Soldier tale”, Stravinsky opera remake, OneBeat Russia, Moscow

2017, Trevor Dunn and Balázs Pándi feat. solo.operator, Moscow

2016, Alexey Borisov-Felix Mikensky-Alexander Serechenko, Chinese Pilot Jao Da Club, Moscow

2016,  Rubanov-Ototsky-Serechenko, Chinese Pilot Jao Da Club, Moscow

2016, Solo Operator feat. Stasya Poškute, FREE: Kotä, NII, Moscow

2016, Solo Operator feat. Konstantin Sukhan, MARS center, Moscow

Language skills

Russian, native speaker

English, professional efficiency, C1

French, beginner, A1

Technical Skills

  • Generative Audio/Video, Web, VR, AR, 3D, LED.
  • Python, Django, pandas, NumPy, SciPy, matplotlib, TensorFlow.
  • HTML, JavaScript, CSS/LESS, Bootstrap, jQuery, underscore.js.
  • HTTP, AJAX, REST, WebSocket.
  • MySQL, Memcached, MongoDB, Redis.
  • Unix Scripting, Administration, C++, ANSI C.