Music projects

solo.operator - loop improvisation with baritone saxophone

multi.operator - interactive music performance, art research on self-organization
Baritone domination - free jazz trio

Art projects

SNOUM - neural network dream-to-video converter, 2019
Baldessarizer - browser extension as art, 2019
Psi TV - generative video, social media art, 2017
Blue summer - interactive music video, 2017
Buddha bot - art chatbot, 2016
Randrone - generative aleatoric music release, 2014
Anthem of the world - conceptual audio and generative flag, 2013
YCHIAA / Raga 50Hz - audio street art project, 2012
Computer hero - game art, music video, 2011

In progress

Decentralization - generative vinyl release
Five mount dub - audio software, generative hip-hop
random.operator - audio FX software

Education and publishings

"Why artists need to learn to program", Science Slam talk, 2020 
"History and modern aspects of generative art", cycle of public lectures, 2017-2019
"Turing test for generative music pieces", online test, 2017
"Rationale for generative music", article, 2017
"Cryptography and IT: serving the future of society", public lecture, 2015